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Laurie Nunes

Laurie has been a Patient Advocate at WholeBody Solutions for 10 years. She is a certified Reiki I Healer with numerous years of experience in both Holistic Health and Human Services. Laurie’s passion for health and wellness, especially in the nutrition field, was highly influenced by the teachings of Edgar Cayce, Gaylord Hauser, and Old Folk Remedies. Laurie spent several years meditating with Zen Monks. She attributes this valuable experience as the catalyst in developing her abilities to teach others how to effectively conquer their own minds to achieve inner peace.

Laurie’s passion for helping others has enabled her to mentor adolescents; she has 23 years of working with various addictive disorders, suicide prevention, sexual abuse, eating disorders, and substance abuse.

As Laurie’s career advanced at WholeBody Solutions, she became a certified Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioner in 2017, who specializes in related learning difficulties, including ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, and related kinesiological corrections.


1998       Reiki, Level 1

2007       Emotional Level Technique, Level 1

2013       BioEnergetic Medicine – Complex Homeopathic Medicine

2014       BioEnergetic Medicine – Unraveling the Addiction Phenomena

2016       Recovery Addiction Coach

2017       Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioner

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