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3 Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive This Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, bringing us to the somewhat taboo yet very necessary topic: Libido.

There is a certain point in our lives where male and female hormones begin to decline. This is known as Andropause in men and Menopause in women. These physiological processes decrease sex hormones and as a result can lead to a significant drop in sex drive. To improve our libido naturally, we need to focus on balancing our sex hormones while simultaneously promoting circulation throughout the body. 

Our most popular supplement when it comes to libido is Tribulus. We’ve received amazing feedback from patients struggling with low sex drive that use this product.  Tribulus promotes vitality and stamina by balancing out male and female sex hormones. We recommend two tablets twice daily for 6 weeks.

Low circulation can be an issue for many reasons. Poor blood flow results in difficulty in arousal. Some studies suggest that a major cause of erectile dysfunction is due to poor circulation. (1) 

Fortunately, there are a few effective ways we promote circulation at the office. One of our favorite products for circulation is Circuplex by Standard Process. Circuplex contains a combination of key ingredients that promotes healthy peripheral circulation and vascular integrity. 

Beets are a magnificent source of nitrates that convert to nitrous oxide in our bodies. Nitrous oxide is known to improve circulation and relax blood vessels. (2) We often recommend a product called Betafood, which is a food-based product consisting primarily of beet root and beet leaf. 

Restore your libido and improve your performance this Valentines Day, because you and your partner deserve an active and healthy sexual relationship, always!


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