My life had been difficult for over five years due to a dysfunctional thyroid and family, divorce, menopause, and  lack of compassion from family and friends.” I found out about Nancy Loedy and Dr. Anne Doggett’s practice at Wholebody Solutions from my concierge doctor who suggested them to deal with my menopause. Mrs. Loedy’s type of care was lifesaving. Her compassion, understanding, and talent with muscle testing and Brain Integration caused a miracle. It was astounding; in two days, I felt immediate relief and was able to resume my life the way it was meant to be lived. I brag to all my friends because she has helped me so much…and I’m so thankful to God that he has brought Mrs. Loedy and Dr. Anne Doggett into my life. It is amazing and scary to know that western medicine would have had me on an anti-depressant when all I needed was a simple supplement to kill the insidious yeast that had invaded my system. Do not waste another moment; you are worth it.