I only had BIT done because I saw the success it had with my brother. I have noticed that I am more focused and able to catch myself slipping up in much earlier stages then I did before. I believe it’s truly balanced me out emotionally and mentally. I recommend it for everyone and anyone regardless if you believe or don’t believe you have things that need to be worked on. They will find something and click it back into place.

Client 1

Liz Elia completely saved me in an intense unexpected situation. I was at the beach and suddenly got a terrible reaction to the water- my whole body broke out in huge welts and hives. I’ve been having this reaction for the past decade or so. After a short while of relaxing on the sand while she only used her gentle, healing touch to work on me the reaction went away and I was able to return to the water worry-free! I have been to the beach several times since and the reaction has not happened again..

Client 2

If your memory isn’t what it once was, you’d give anything to get rid of that tinnitus, or your balance is off (try standing on one foot with your eyes closed!) you should run not walk to Quincy for this Open House. Headache? Can’t place where that noise you heard came from? Try repeating 6 numbers forward and then backward from memory…or do you suffer ADHD? These and many more issues can be addressed via BIT (Brain Integration Therapy). I’ve tried it and the results are astounding. Go!

Client 3

After years of dealing with my seven year-old son’s learning and gross motor disabilities, we finally found definite results and in a relatively short period of time with Crossinology.  While working with Liz, his reading level has improved, he’s learned to ride a bicycle, and instead of being anxious about school he now can’t wait to go.  As he said to me, “Mommy, I think my problems are going away.

Client 4

I am tremendously grateful to have Liz Elia as one of my Brain Integration Practitioners from Wholebody Solutions working with me. Liz has been instrumental in helping me overcome emotional issues and physical injuries sustained from the Boston Marathon Bombings. Thanks to Liz I am quickly returning back to a normal lifestyle and eliminating the effects of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Not to mention I’ve noticed that my brain is working even better than it did before the bombings. For example, I’ve experienced greater concentration, focus and I’ve noticed I can process things much more quickly and efficiently. In addition, I’ve been able to regain my coordination and ability to balance. Liz you are amazing at what you do, thank you!

Client 5

My life had been difficult for over five years due to a dysfunctional thyroid and family, divorce, menopause, and  lack of compassion from family and friends.” I found out about Nancy Loedy and Dr. Anne Doggett’s practice at Wholebody Solutions from my concierge doctor who suggested them to deal with my menopause. Mrs. Loedy’s type of care was lifesaving. Her compassion, understanding, and talent with muscle testing and Brain Integration caused a miracle. It was astounding; in two days, I felt immediate relief and was able to resume my life the way it was meant to be lived. I brag to all my friends because she has helped me so much…and I’m so thankful to God that he has brought Mrs. Loedy and Dr. Anne Doggett into my life. It is amazing and scary to know that western medicine would have had me on an anti-depressant when all I needed was a simple supplement to kill the insidious yeast that had invaded my system. Do not waste another moment; you are worth it.

Client 6

During and after the BIT treatment, I have noticed major improvements in my mental, physical and emotional states; I become more driven and motivated, simply day to day tasks are no longer overwhelming, getting out of bed in the morning and getting ready for work is no longer a chore. My right eye used to be near sighted; it is now over 90% corrected and my balance in dancing improved. My energy level increased significantly, mentally more focus, I am able to stay focus studying for longer duration, my reading comprehension and my ability to retain information longer improved. I am also able to better articulate my thoughts. I am no longer feeling “inhibited” they way I used to, vibrancy is steadily taking hold.


My cramps are alleviated in a more effective and safe way. I feel stronger and I am in less pain. I tell everyone I know about my positive experience at WholeBody Solutions.


The adjustments have made a tremendous difference in how my body feels and moves. The supplements took away the aches and tingling in my arm and leg muscles in a matter of days.


My freedom from constant sugar cravings is wonderful. I feel strong, more rested.